Here Are the Coolest NFT Projects You Should Watch Out for This 2022

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NFTs have grown from nothing but a fad to a multi-million dollar asset class that has drawn investments from different prominent figures. Nonetheless, as the sector progresses, many projects are also released, making it more challenging to find awesome NFT projects.

Still, we are here to help. We scoured the internet, looked at some of the most awesome NFT projects on the market, and explored their plans for the future, community, utility, and art.

  1. Kitty Crypto Gang Amandine Comes and Nicolas Morel made the collection of 7,997 Badass Kitties NFTs. Two Australia-based French painters have partnered with Warner Bros., Disney, DC Universe, Netflix, and Marvel.

    Kitty Crypto Gang is a 7,997 unique Kitty Gangster made on the Ethereum blockchain. Every Kitty NFT is a 3D representation, with more than 200 qualities in the collection.

  2. Kev the CactusThis NFT project is the brainchild of Gregory Magruder and Michael Freesh. Its goal is to allow users to partake in the creation of NFTs and obtain lifelong royalties from their artistic contributions.

    Users can link their wallets, enter artwork recommendations, and selected images get five percent of the NFT royalties for life. More than 10,000 recommendations have been made in this interactive project.

    Also, users can send their artwork, with top-voted pieces getting a seventy-five percent creator royalty.

  3. Bored Apes The Bored Ape Yacht Club is an all-time favorite among NFT investors. It was one of the first blue-chip NFT projects and gained a lot of investments from different celebrities that helped NFT enter the mainstream.

    The collection comprises 10,000 unique ape-based NFTs with an existing floor price of 98,183 (89 ETH).

NFT holders are granted access to numerous exclusive communities, including the Bathroom (a member’s only graffiti board). Also, BAYC holders have commercial rights to the APE. That means they can monetize it as they want.

BAYC owners were also permitted to claim an NFT from the Yuga Labs’ new collection of 20,000 Mutant Ape Yacht NFTs, which currently has a floor price of 17.4 ETH.

The previous rewards were remarkable, but the Bored Ape Yacht Club still has more in its pipeline. Also, the team is arranging various real-world events, including a collaborative event with Sandbox and CyberKongz that can meet up and find out who has the coolest Bored Ape NFT.

A blockchain game based on BAYC is in development, but that will likely not be released for several years.

There’s no shortage of interesting NFT collections and projects, and the interest in them doesn’t seem to be slowing, with the Metaverse trend running along with the NFT sector, providing galleries for displaying NFTs.

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