FIFA Gears Up for World Cup 2022 With New NFT Platform on Algorand

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If you are a football fan, then there is no escaping the fact that the World Cup is just around the corner. After the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic for the Euros, it is amazing to see football back on the agenda.

Although we have finally back to normal, the World Cup 2022 is still set to be a little bit unique.

First, it is a competition billed to happen in the winter in a bid to prevent the boiling of Qatar heat. Second, it will be the first World Cup, where FIFA NFTs will finally be available. Thanks to a collaboration with Algorand, the FIA NFT platform, FIFA + Collect, is set to bring a new level of dimension to what it truly means to be a collector in the world of football.

What are FIFA NFTs?

When we talk about football, and indeed the World Cup, there has long been a tradition of collecting. It has been the case that supporters have been so frantic to get their hands on match day programs and other collectibles and build up collections that they can effortlessly boast about.

On the basic level, folks still go rough for the sticker albums, which they become so frantic to fill before the end of the competition. Also, FIFA NFTs take this concept of collecting to the next level.

NFTs are also unique tokens that are on the blockchain. They serve as proof of ownership of digital assets like music, artwork, or even games.

What Will This FIFA NFT features?

Everyone is still waiting for the particular information about what will be seen on FIFA NFTs. Nonetheless, what we do understand is that they are set to represent some of the most unforgettable moments that happen in the competition.

NFTs can be expensive, to say the least, but there has been a commitment that FIFA NFTs will be reasonable, accessible, and inclusive. That only indicates that there is no chance for all supporters to get on board.

It is essential to keep in mind that Algorand has revealed as the authorized blockchain partner of FIFA in May. It’s reported that NFTs featured on the platform wouldn’t just be accessible, inclusive, and affordable but symbolize memorable and crucial moments, imagery, and arts during the upcoming edition in Qatar.

According to Romy Gai, FIFA’s Chief Business Officer, the concept is to make opportunities for supporters around the globe to engage with their favorite players.

He explained that just like sports stickers and memorabilia, it is an accessible opportunity for supporters across the globe to engage with their favorite moments, players, and more on newer platforms.

The platform is anticipated to go live later this month. On top of that, further information, such as teasers symbolizing the type of NFTs to be launched during the competition and the collection to be included in the launch, will be released soon.

According to W. Sean Ford, Algorand’s CEO, the commitment of FIFA has made the gap to Web3 enabled by Algorand evidence of their advanced spirit and desire to seamlessly and directly engage with football supporters across the globe.

The positive feeling provided by the partnership points toward how cryptocurrency companies are taking center stage in global sports events. Among the industry companies present in Qatar is

Last Match, it publicized that it will be an special crypto exchange sponsor in the world cup. Nonetheless, the firm allegedly rejected a $495 sponsorship deal along with the Champions League (UEFA).

Algorand has also proclaimed the purchase of digital music sharing service Napster on top of its partnership deal with LimeWire.

The New FIFA NFT Platform

Referred to as FIFA + Collect, the FIFA NFT platform is set to officially launch later this month, September. It’s on the platform that you can check out the FIFA NFTs, which are accessible, as well as buy anything that catches the eye.

To access the platform, one must head over to FIFA+. That’s where FIFA hosts football-related live games, news, and content.

Algorand—The Blockchain of Choice

Most tokens sit on the Ethereum to Solana blockchain, but FIFA NFTs are part of the Algorand blockchain.

Algorand comes along with green credentials that are perfect for those with fears about the negative effect that crypto may have on the environment. That may be one of the deciding aspects when FIFA was seeking a partner: such a respected company needed a partner who would be respected and welcomed on the world stage.

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