Best NFT Stocks to Purchase and Hold This 2023

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NFTs are a new way of investing within the stock market. That’s not something that has been around for many centuries. However, it is finally here and can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio.

You will find numerous types of NFTs that you could invest in, and there’s no one size fits all solution. In reality, if you are searching for a quick buy, you may like to reconsider this, as it will take time, dedication, and time.

Nonetheless, if you are seeking long-term growth, then this could be what you seek.

What are the Best NFT Stocks You Should Purchase?

The ideal NFT stocks to purchase now will depend on your personal scenario and the kind of investor you are. Here are some recommendations for you:

  • Jiayin Group

This stick is not making headlines or causing any waves on the stock market. The high-tech financial services firm is based in Shanghai. Now, the Jiayin Group is not working with NFTS—yet.

A series of tweets in December 2020 tipped off many investors who now anticipated to see a shift to NFTs soon. It’s also one of the ideal NFT stocks to purchase in 2022.

  • Talking Art

In March 2021, Sino-Global publicized a partnership with CyberMiles to introduce a powerful NFT exchange. Today, the platform is the first of its type to enable creators to sell their digital art functions as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds of art and investing.

It is also one of the best NFT stocks you need to purchase before the year ends.

  • Cinedigm

Entertainment firm and streaming platform Cinedigm have been getting recent attention from different NFT investors after announcing in March 2022 that it would be creating NFT products.

After the announcement, the shares increase twenty-eight percent. Cinedigm shares have been on a descending trend, but when the NFT product line launches, investors can project to see substantial value growth.

  • Nike

Nike is another firm you need to look out for on the NFT front. The company has long been the global leader in terms of apparel and sneakers that maintain their value and that consumers love to collect.

Today, Nike has received a patent and enables them to create NFTs out of many of its iconic designs and shoes. Such digital assets will be accessible for sale in their store that they are creating across different metaverses.

It is also one of the best NFT stocks you should buy before this year ends.

  • Mattel MAT

This toy-creator giant has launched NFTs featuring one of the trendiest and most popular brands: Hot Wheels. Last June, Mattel has already launched the Hot Wheels NFT Garage series featuring three vehicles from “The First Editions” vehicle collection.

The popular product portfolio of the company that involves iconic toys such as UNO, American Girl, and Barbie presents substantial growth opportunities in the NFT space.

  • OpenSea

OpenSea has already captured ninety-seven percent of the NFT market. Data from the platform about its revenue proves that it produced a staggering $76 million in August 2021 alone. Considering that the NFT market is worth over $1 billion, that means massive potential for OpenSea that is valued already at a market cap of $1.5 billion.

Remember that it’s one of the promising NFT stocks to purchase in 2022.

  • CyberMiles

A public blockchain platform, CyberMiles was the original solution that enabled commercial dealings for the public chain DPOS consensus of Ethereum.

Currently, the platform acts as a guide for other blockchain platforms to work from. In only four years of the first NFT, CyberMiles was prepared to support the trading, selling, and buying of NFTs. It’s also one of the first platforms to host an NFT auction.

  • Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the leading trading and investing platforms around the globe. They have made it simple for everybody to exchange, sell, and buy different cryptos. In reality, they have successfully made buying crypto as simple as purchasing stock.

After riding the massive NFT wave throughout 2021, the platform jumped on the bandwagon by making an actual NFT marketplace. That’s how folks around the world can trade and purchase NFTs.

Which of these NFT stocks are you looking forward to this 2022 and beyond?

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