Robinhood Is Planning to Launch Cryptocurrency Wallets as BTC Becomes a Main Percentage of Business

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Robinhood Cryptocurrency Wallets

  • Robinhood is experimenting with cryptocurrency wallets with chosen clients in the following weeks to let traders and investors receive, send and more crypto in and out of the Robinhood app. 
  • The move comes as digital currency makes up a growingly big portion of the revenue of the Robinhood app. 
  • Share of the app rose 10.9 percent on Wednesday. 
  • In recent weeks, a number of users of the app have taken to Instagram, Facebook etc., to complain that through utilizing the app, they had exposure to the values of crypto but not real ownership of the crypto themselves.  

Robinhood app is debuting a feature that provides traders better control over digital currencies in its newest development in cryptocurrency.

According to the company’s blog post released 22 September, the recently public brokerage is doing a test on a crypto wallet with chosen clients in the following weeks. The crypto wallet will enable traders to trade, receive and send cryptocurrencies as well as move them inside and outside of the app.

There was a continued increase in the shares of Robinhood amounting to 10.9 percent yesterday. In few weeks, many users, most especially traders of Dogecoin, have taken to social media platforms to protest that by making use of this app as the broker, they had contact to the prices of the coin but not real ownership of the digital coins themselves.

According to Aparna Chennapraga, chief product officer of Robinhood, they are not the first to this market in a phone interview with CNBC. They have been taking their time to ensure that they develop this in a phased method. He also stated that some clients come in, iterate on the product, acquires the clients’ feedback, and then expand from there.

Specific clients will start trying the product. The app will share its advice and criticism over its blog on social media sites, said chief product officer, who spent twelve years at Google leading product, design teams and engineering prior to partaking in Robinhood. Eventually, the rollout will let patrons on a waistline participate.

Robinhood Is Indeed A Growing Digital Coins Firm 

The start-up debuted coins trading a few years ago; however, it is turned out to be more and more vital to the company’s top line. Over half of the company’s dealings–based profit last few years came from trading digital coins. That is up from only three percent a year earlier.

The new crypto wallets will allow patrons to consolidate their cryptocurrencies into a single account. Customers can trade, receive and send coins to and from other digital wallet addresses. Other companies like Gemini and Coinbase provide this feature. According to Bloomberg News, Robinhood plans to roll out this new feature in the beta version of the cryptocurrency trading app.

Digital coins like Bitcoin have seen quick volatility since BTC reached an all-time high a few months ago, among more issues about rules and regulation. Digital currencies dived together with the broader market Monday, with BTC ending about seven percent lower. The decline results in recurring arguments on whether the bitcoin should or can serve as a safe-haven asset. In recent years, BTC has shown more of a propensity to dip with wider markets.

What is more, Robinhood stated that the latest feature which enables the set up of recurring coins investment is live on the app. They can schedule commission-free coin purchases for only one dollar. Crypto broker’s move comes as coins are under scrutiny from the SEC, specifically Gary Gensler, the chairman. A few days ago, he assured lawmakers that top regulators are working to make a set of regulations to watch the volatile market of coins while balancing the interest of innovators in the US.

According to Gensler, at present, they just don’t have adequate investor security in issuance, finance, trading as well as a lending of digital currency. At this point, it is like the Old World of buyers aware that existed prior to the securities rules was enacted.

According to Robinhood, digital wallets will have many security features, which include multifactor authentication, identity verification, phone and email verification to keep currencies secure from hackers. The company is aligned with its regulators and the Security and Exchange Commission to ensure that they’re working on this with learning tools, safety and protection.

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