Polkadot Analysis for September 2022

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As of September 14, in the Polkadot market, the bulls are exerting efforts to deflect bearish pressures. The price of DOT found support around the $7.04 level while the bulls recovered from the few days of bearish dominance.

While buyers tried to recover from the downward pressure, Polkadot prices had increased to $7.13 after getting support. Meanwhile, the downward pressure on cryptocurrency is still there. In addition, there’s still a potential for the price of Polkadot to fall further. The range of about $7 proves as a surviving pivot.

A quick market analysis of Polkadot 

The one-day price of DOT shows that the bulls succeed in bucking the trend in their favor. However, there are still small gains. It is also expected to turn negative anytime. The MA or moving average is beyond 50 SMA, around $7.40. The asset’s RSI or Relative Strength was trading at the bottom of the neutral zone around 43 index. Currently, it is in the uptrend.

Developments in the Polkadot price 

The chart for the four hours price of the cryptocurrency represents that the bulls managed to increase the price, but recently, the bears have entered again. Polkadot’s last 4 hours also signified bearish activity since the price became bearish again, reducing to $7.14.

There is low volatility in the Polkadot market, and the Bollinger Bands represent the upper band around $7.82, signifying resistance, while the lower band around $6.70 shows support. There is an average of $7.26 for the Bollinger bands.

What’s the performance of Polkadot this September 2022? 

Is it too late to buy Polkadot? Don’t lose hope. Cryptocurrency can increase its worth because of the mass adoption of users and investors of digital currency. If you wonder if September is for Polkadot, the answer is yes.

Even though there is not such a strong capitalization, there is a high possibility that there will be a sharp increase in its value. This dynamic can directly affect the Bitcoin value.

Based on the Polkadot price fluctuations in early 2022, experts hope for a $7.27 DOT rate in September 2022. The maximum and minimum values are around $7.477 and about $6.64.

Future predictions of Polkadot 

In addition to the current market analysis of Polkadot, there are also some future predictions about cryptocurrency.

The Polkadot price can be traded to $25 this 2022 and is expected to be at $37 in 2023. The asset price is believed to trade around $83 in 2025. The approximate price increase in the next 5 years is about $180, which increases by 868 %.

According to Coin Price Forecast, the price can increase to +69% at the end of the year. In the middle of this year, it is expected to have $28.47 per Polkadot. Next year, the price of Polkadot will rise to $41.64.

Experts also stated that there is a long-term increase and the price prognosis is $93.713 for 2027. If there’s a 5-year profitable investment, there can be about +397.2% revenue. The value of Polkadot can grow within 6 years by 2028. It should have a rally of about $62 to $75.

With these future predictions, cryptocurrency can have a bright future. This year, the value of Polkadot began at $28. Now, the DOT price trades at $18 with slight upside momentum. If the Polkadot continues to move upwards, it can reach the 23.60% fib level and will cross the $23 price.

To sum it up, Polkadot is a young asset. However, it has already gained popularity in the industry in 2021. According to experts, the position of the cryptocurrency can increase over time. It also has the potential to confront other cryptocurrencies in the market. In Q1 this year, over 130 million DOT were locked in Parachains.

With this September analysis of Polkadot, you can gain valuable insights on how to trade effectively. You should also don’t lose hope and patience whenever the price of DOT is low. Thus, the price movement of the cryptocurrency comes in a constant change.

Once the price increases, you can trade Polkadot. So, it is never too late to buy a crypto asset. There is a chance that the market of Polkadot will be favorable to you. You only need to wait to get the best trade.

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