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KuCoin: A Four-Year-Old Crypto Exchange Increased Funds at $10 Billion from $100 Million in the Past

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With a massive increase in KuCoins appraisal by up to $10 billion in its initial round in 48 months, thus international crypto-exchange looks to make a profound push into widening its ecosystem.

KuCoins, a company based in Seychelles, stated that it had augmented $150 million in a pre-series B funding round led by Jump Crypto.  Matrix Partners, IDG Capital, and Circle Ventures also partake in the new competition.

KuCoin, a 4-year-old platform, has a $10 billion value in the round, higher than $100 million following its $20 million in 2018.  This platform has collected more than 18 million users in hundreds of countries worldwide and is considered one of the biggest crypto exchanges in terms of daily spot trading numbers, plans to invest the funds in widening its crypto wallets portfolio, DAOs, NFT Platforms, DeFi, and GamFi.  According to Lyu, this is how everybody is brought into the ecosystem, and the price of the ecosystem relies on the loyalty and size of the participants.

This idea is basically why we raised this new round, web3 is all about clearness, and we like to develop KuCoin in an open ecosystem. Open systems have to bring a lot of associated on board.  Crypto is new people wish to ensure they are able to leverage the sources of data to help decision making, and these famous traders can keep them informed on the latest trends.

The company that competes with Coinbase, Binance, Crypto.com, FTX, etc., has been looking at opportunities in the web3 ecosystem.  Last quarter of 2021, it presented its investment arm, the KuCoin Ventures, in which it takes both financial and strategic investments.  According to Lyu, the venture arm’s assets under management as already augmented to many hundred million dollars.

This platform has gained name, reputation, and even notoriety for listing assets with small to medium-sized market caps.  One renowned approach many savvy investors made high gains earlier was greatly making bets on the latest KuCoin was about to list and sell them the moment the trading went live. Lyu also added that giving users possible superior projects is one of the main KuCoin strategies and also one reason why this platform is popular as People’s Exchange.

KuCoin, as the place to hidden treasures, not just keeps monitor of real-time hot departments in the business but also profoundly researches possible projects in different sectors. However, it’s a small or middle cap token at a specific level.  For instance, they have listed a lot of new plans in the world, opening the way in the normal listing or KuCoin BurningDrop, and KuCoin Spotlight, wherein a lot of plans are becoming extremely superior and have potential after a time of development.  The basis of assuring its remarkable potential and superiority is that this platform has professional, all-around, and stern related processes.

The company has witnessed a considerable augment in demand for optimized services in due course; however, it is dedicated to catering to people who also want to benefit from some decentralized services.  We found out that many users would choose to utilize DEX as it can be easily and directly linked with the broader digital asset native ecosystem.  We are figuring out and creating decentralized products like Windyane, an NFT marketplace.

Aside from KCC, jointly developed by the KuCoin community members and KCs fanatics, it will be a vital factor for the platform to develop the decentralized ecosystem, with DEX as well as other protocols like stablecoins and lending created on it.  The company also has a P2P service for those who want to convert conventional currencies to crypto with the lowest charges and utmost safety and security.

Also, the exchange is working to intensify its efforts to back international regulation needs and is investing to boost its safety as well as risk management systems.  KuCoins offers a full and comprehensive platform for coin systems to audiences all over the world, which is one of the vital reasons the company is happy and proud to be number one in this round.  According to Jump Crypto head, “we are happy to back the company because it keeps on growing and branch out its offering in margin and futures trading, staking, lending as well as passive yield generation to help the development of web3 and the digital asset markets.”

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