Elon Musk Finally Launches ‘Cyberwhistle,’ DOGE Days Are Over

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There’s no doubt that Elon Musk loves whistleblowers very much that Tesla is finally selling its own version of a whistle. Referred to as the Cyberwhistle, the futuristic noise-maker can only be bought using dogecoin.

For people who want another one of Elon’s strange creations, they may need to wait a little bit as the item is currently out of stock.

What is the Cyberwhistle?

The Cyberwhistle is made from medical-grade stainless steel and is completely based on the same angular design as the Tesla Cybertruck, but it certainly enhances upon the original by getting rid of its single major point of failure—the windows.

Compared to the twice-delayed Cybertruck, the new Tesla Cyberwhistle was instantly accessible for anyone with the cryptocurrency to pay for it.

At a 1,000 Dogecoin price point, as well as with DOGE presently trading at $0.060225, the Tesla Cyberwhistle retails at more than $60 in fiat money.

You see, it is a price that Tesla supporters seem more than agreeable to, along with the whistles currently listed “out of stock” on the company website.

The man behind SpaceX, Tesla, and other tech firms took to Twitter last September 13 to motivate his followers to “Blow the whistle!” Of course, Musk was referring to the new Cyberwhistle that Tesla is selling for the said Dogecoin amount.

The link between an actual, literal whistle and Musk’s recent subpoena of a whistleblower is there for the entire universe to see. It recently came to light back in late August 2022 that Elon’s lawyer filed to subpoena former security chief of Twitter Pieter “Mudge” Zatko over claims the company misled Musk, the board of directors, and its investors.

The fact that Tesla is selling a whistle is nearly too on the nose.

As for the whistle itself, it may look like a small Cybertruck. However, the product’s descriptions mention that it’s made of medical-grade stainless steel and features an integrated attachment for extra versatility.

Those who managed to buy a Cyberwhistle can expect their shipments to start heading out in 4-6 weeks. Elon also mentions that his team is currently working on making the whistle sound a whole lot louder. Folks who have the Cyberwhistle and one of the Boring Company’s flamethrowers will surely be hard to miss.

Doge Holders Finally Hear the Whistle

Keep in mind that the launch of the Cyberwhistle comes as a big legal case starts to loom big in Musk’s life. Earlier this year, the billionaire tycoon successfully bid $44 billion for Twitter. However, they eventually pulled out of the deal, quoting different disclosure failures and problems.

Musk claims that Twitter completely misled him on a series of spambots and fake accounts on the social media platform.

It is a point that Peiter Zatko would also seem to agree with. According to a statement from Zatko, Twitter just does not know how many spambots are currently on the platform. However, what it does actually understand seems to demonstrate the problem is a lot larger than they are publicly eager to admit.

With the emergency of Zatko, the security chief also turned Twitter whistleblower, Elon Musk’s chances of winning the legal battle would seem to have markedly improved.

Only 2 weeks after the subpoena, and 3 weeks after Zatko went public with the claims, Tesla has completely launched the Cyberwhistle.

As far as metaphors go, it is about an understated ball thrown against a pane of armored glass.

A Quick U-Turn

With Tesla disreputably slow to launch new product lines, the question today may be how the firm managed to design, create, creation, and launch a whistle along with its own accompanying display box in only three weeks!

So, did you manage to buy a Cyberwhistle for $60? Let us know in the comments section what you think of all of that.

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